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Film Summary
The French Conspiracy aka L'Attentat / The Assassination / Plot

Discovering that exiled Algerian OAS terrorist Sadiel is about to return to France, both the CIA and the French Secret Service go on red alert. They blackmail a journalist into helping them to entice Sadiel to Paris, in order to assassinate him.

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 123 mins  Color: Color 

100 Rifles

Jim Brown (El Condor), Raquel Welch (Fathom) and Burt Reynolds (White Lightning) set the screen ablaze in this intense and muscular western, bursting with rousing nonstop action and humorous charm.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

1492: Conquest of Paradise

In a quest to find a new land route to Asia, Christopher Columbus discovers the New World. However, his vision of for a peaceful new world doesn’t content with that of Spain’s vision of conquest. Jean Depardieu stars in this realist take on Christopher Columbus. Directed by Ridley Scott (Bladerunner, Alien).

Release Year: 1992  Running Time: 154 mins  Color: Color 

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Epic rendering of the Jules Verne classic including a primitive submarine and the fight with the Giant Octopus. Film features the spectacular first use of underwater photography.

Release Year: 1916  Running Time: 86 mins  Color: Color and B&W 

21 Hours at Munich

Screen legend William Holden and Shirley Knight turn this real-life catastrophic event into a mesmerizing story of suspense, anger and disbelief.

Release Year: 1976  Running Time: 101 mins  Color: Color 

23 Paces to Baker Street

Brand New 4K Restoration! Van Johnson (Battleground, The Caine Mutiny), Vera Miles (Psycho, The Wrong Man) and Cecil Parker (The Ladykillers, The Lady Vanishes) co-star in this Hitchcockian thriller directed by the great Henry Hathaway (Diplomatic Courier, Kiss of Death).

Release Year: 1956  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 

3 Bad Men

This classic western directed by the great John Ford (The Hurricane) stars George O'Brien (Sunrise) and a host of other greats from the silent era and beyond.

Release Year: 1926  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: B&W 

The 300 Year Weekend

Ten troubled people plagued by drugs, bad marriages and homosexuality seek help in a group therapy session conducted by psychologist Dr. Marshall.

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: Color 

4D Man (Special Edition)

A scientist discovers a formula enabling him to pass through doors and walls but each time the power is used he ages and only by touching other living beings and draining their energy (and thus, their lives) can he maintain his age. In addition, this incredible force is driving him quite mad... 

Release Year: 1959  Running Time: 85 mins  Color: Color 

633 Squadron / Mosquito Squadron (Double Feature)

Cliff Robertson and George Chakiris lead a do-or-die mission in 633 Squadron. In Mosquito Squadron David McCallum stars in this epic WWII adventure that perfectly captures the explosive action and emotional torment of war.

Release Year: 1964  Running Time: 192 mins  Color: Color 

The 6th Man

When college superstar Antoine Tyler (Kadeem Hardison) dies unexpectedly, the dream of winning an NCAA Championship alongside his younger brother Kenny (Marlon Wayans) dies with him... or so it seems. Suddenly, Antoine stands to make the greatest comeback of all time... as a ghost who becomes the team's invisible "sixth man."

Release Year: 1997  Running Time: 107 mins  Color: Color 

8 Million Ways to Die

In the aftermath of a police shooting, Matthew Scudder has retired and is spending time in AA on his path to recovery. When he meets a dashing woman at a meeting, he is dragged back into the underworld of vice. The final film of Hal Ashby (Harold and Maude). Stars Jeff Bridges and Rosanna Arquette.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 115 mins  Color: Color 

99 River Street

In this classic film noir, a down-on-his-luck former boxing contender (John Payne, The Crooked Way, Hidden Fear), turned cab driver has to hide from the police when he’s accused of murdering his badgering wife when her lifeless body turns up in the back of his cab.

Release Year: 1953  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: B&W 

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