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Film Summary

Closely paralleling history, the film follows the rise and fall of union leader Johnny Kovak (Stallone), from his beginnings as an idealistic blue-collar worker to his final position as head of one of the country's most powerful unions: the Federation of Inter-State Truckers. Acting greats Rod Steiger and Peter Boyle lead a fine supporting cast. Wonderfully directed by Norman Jewison with a screenplay by Stallone and Joe Eszterhas (Basic Instinct).

Release Year: 1978  Running Time: 145 mins  Color: Color 


Murder By Illusion! The world of movie make-believe meets the gritty New York crime scene in this taut and clever suspense movie. Bryan Brown (Tai-Pan) and Brian Dennehy (Gorky Park) command the heart-pounding action in the first-class; crackling excitement of F/X.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 109 mins  Color: Color 


The Deadly Art of Illusion! Bryan Brown (Far East) and Brian Dennehy (Gorky Park) are back as Rollie and Leo in an all-new action-thriller that continues the F/X saga with stylish wit, unrelenting suspense and amazing high-tech action.

Release Year: 1991  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

Face to Face

One of the best spaghetti westerns from genre master Sergio Sollima (The Big Gundown, Violent City), Faccia a Faccia (Face to Face) is a gang-busting western saga and a gripping parable of the rise of fascism.

Release Year: 1967  Running Time: 93 mins  Color: Color 

The Falcon and the Snowman

Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People) and Sean Penn (Mystic River) deliver superb performances in a true-story spy thriller that is scathing, arresting and laced with white-knuckle excitement.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 131 mins  Color: Color 

Fantomas 1960s Collection (Fantomas / Fantomas Unleashed / Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard)

André Hunebelle introduced a revamped and modernized version of Fantômas to the 1960s OSS 117 and 007 audience. All three films starred the great Jean Marais as Fantômas, a criminal mastermind and man of a thousand faces.

Release Year: 1964  Running Time: 322 mins  Color: Color 

Far From Heaven (Special Edition)

Cathy Whitaker has it all—a lovely home, two wonderful children and a handsome husband who is successfully climbing the corporate ladder. But Cathy’s idyllic existence is just an illusion, and she eventually must choose between living a lie or following her heart.

Release Year: 2002  Running Time: 107 mins  Color: Color 

Farewell, Friend

After an overseas deployment, two French ex-Foreign Legionnaires prepare to break into the vault of a wealthy corporation.

Release Year: 1968  Running Time: 115 mins  Color: Color 

A Farewell To Arms (1932)

An Academy Award nominee for Best Picture, A FAREWELL TO ARMS is a ravishing adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's legendary novel, starring Gary Cooper (High Noon) as Lt. Frederic Henry, a young ambulance driver for the Italian army in WWI, more interested in chasing women than the enemy. When seeking cover during an air raid, he encounters Nurse Catherine Barkley (a radiant Helen Hayes), and the world shifts under his feet.

Release Year: 1932  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: B&W 

A Farewell to Arms (1957)

This gripping version of the legendary writer's World War I masterpiece stars Rock Hudson (Giant, Seconds) as an ambulance driver and Jennifer Jones (Portrait of Jennie, Duel in the Sun) as the nurse he falls in love with.

Release Year: 1957  Running Time: 152 mins  Color: Color 

The Farmer’s Daughter

Katrin (Loretta Young) is an independent farm girl who becomes a politician and captures the heart of a Congressman along the way.

Release Year: 1947  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: B&W 

Father Hood

Jack Charles is a lovable small-time crook who's latest scheme of hitting it big is interrupted when two strangers—his kids—suddenly appear on his doorstep to reclaim him as their dad. Before long, Jack and the kids are racing towards the biggest heist of his career—pursued by cops and the FBI.

Release Year: 1993  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: Color 

The Favor (1994 romantic comedy)

On the eve of her fifteenth high school reunion, Kathy fantasizes about making love to her hunky ex-boyfriend Tom... because she never got to in high school. Now married, Kathy devises an ingenious way to sleep with Tom without cheating: sex through proxy. 

Release Year: 1994  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 

Fear and Desire

Virtually unseen since its theatrical premiere in 1953, FEAR AND DESIRE was the ambitious first feature film by legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.

Release Year: 1953  Running Time: 60 mins  Color: B&W 

Feast of July (Special Edition)

A mysterious young beauty, Bella Ford (Embeth Davidtz, Army of Darkness), searches hopelessly for the lover who betrayed her. Weary and alone, she is offered shelter by the Wainwright family, who help her find new hope... and whose three handsome sons battle for her affections.

Release Year: 1995  Running Time: 116 mins  Color: Color 

Female on the Beach (Special Edition)

A widow who moves into a beach house where the former owner has fallen to her death. What had seemed like an accident turns to suspicion of murder as she finds herself drawn into a torrid affair with a handsome beachcomber who may be harboring a sinister secret.

Release Year: 1955  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: B&W 

Ffolkes aka North Sea Hijack

Madman Lou Kramer captures and threatens to destroy a vital North Sea oil rig in 24 hours unless the British government delivers a huge ransom. Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes is a reclusive underwater expert who leads an elite commando team in a race-against-the-clock high-seas assault.

Release Year: 1980  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: Color 

Figures in a Landscape

Robert Shaw (Taking of Pelham One Two Three) and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) co-star as desperate fugitives in an unnamed foreign land, wanted for unknown crimes by a nameless, faceless enemy.

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

The File of the Golden Goose

A U.S. Treasury agent (Yul Brynner, Kings of the Sun) and Scotland Yard detective (Edward Woodward, The Wicker Man and TV's The Equalizer) go undercover to infiltrate and tackle a brutal counterfeit gang known as the Golden Goose, raking in millions with their illegal activities.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema

An essential Film Noir set, with Big House USA, A Bullet for Joey, He Ran All the Way, Storm Fear, and Witness to Murder all newly re-mastered in HD!

Release Year: 2016  Running Time: 333 mins  Color: B&W 

Film Noir: The Dark Side Of Cinema II [Thunder On The Hill / The Price Of Fear / The Female Animal]

This collection feature three classic noir films from the 1950s.

Release Year: 1951  Running Time: 245 mins  Color: B&W 

Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema III [Abandoned / The Lady Gambles / The Sleeping City]

This collection features three film noir classics.

Release Year: 1949  Running Time: 264 mins  Color: B&W 

Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema IV [Calcutta / An Act of Murder / Six Bridges to Cross]

This collection features three film noir classics.

Release Year: 1946  Running Time: 270 mins  Color: B&W 

Finders Keepers

Richard Lester (Juggernaut, How I Won the War) directs this no-holds-barred whirlwind comedy fueled by mistaken identities, mayhem and macabre madness.

Release Year: 1984  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 

Fire Birds (Special Edition)

When an international enemy turns to high-tech weaponry, the U.S. Army enlists the aid of the Apaches – America's elite airborne task force specially trained for aerial assault!

Release Year: 1990  Running Time: 86 mins  Color: Color 

First Name: Carmen

Jean-Luc Godard’s FIRST-NAME CARMEN (1983) is a radical reinvention of Bizet’s opera, updating the story of sexual obsession with bank robbery and kidnapping.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

The First Power

Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba) stars as a hotshot L.A. homicide detective caught in a harrowing game with a man who lives to kill - and cannot die - in this psychological thriller that transcends mortal terror!

Release Year: 1990  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

A Fistful of Dollars (Special Edition)

Brand New 4K Restoration! A gunfighter (Clint Eastwood) arrives in a grim and dusty border town where two rival bands of smugglers terrorize the impoverished citizens. Though he receives lucrative offers of employment from each gang, his loyalty cannot be bought. He accepts both jobs... and sets in motion a deadly plan to destroy the criminals, pitting one against the other.

Release Year: 1964  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 

A Fistful of Dynamite aka Duck, You Sucker

Starring Rod Steiger as Juan Miranda, a cigar-chomping, salt-of-the-earth peasant with a Robin Hood heart and James Coburn as John Mallory, a dynamite-tossing Irish revolutionary who has fled to Mexico to practice his skills. Together, they're a devilishly volatile mix of anti-establishment philosophies and violent tendencies as they attempt to liberate political prisoners, defend their compatriots against a well-equipped militia, and risk their lives on a train filled with explosives.

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 157 mins  Color: Color 

Five Miles to Midnight

Newly Re-mastered in HD! Screen icons Sophia Loren (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) and Anthony Perkins (Psycho) star as a poor Parisian couple who embark upon a simple get-rich-quick-scheme… only to find themselves hurtling blindly down a winding road of desperation, deceit and madness.

Release Year: 1962  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Black and White 

Fixed Bayonets!

Brand New 4K Restoration! Legendary director Samuel Fuller (The Big Red One, The Steel Helmet) delivers a rough, tough, hard-hitting action-packed masterpiece, incorporating all the gritty, suspenseful, real-life elements to build a war classic of enormous emotional proportion.

Release Year: 1951  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: B&W 

The Flame of New Orleans

In mid-18th century New Orleans, an impoverished Countess juggles the attentions of a rich banker and a dashing sea captain.

Release Year: 1941  Running Time: 79 mins  Color: B&W 

The Flamingo Kid

Everything was settled for 18-year-old Jeffrey (Matt Dillon), the plumber's son from Brooklyn: one last summer of carefree fun before college. But when he gets a job as a cabana boy at the El Flamingo Beach Club - with its shapely coeds, gin-playing cardsharps and wealthy snobs - Jeffrey is lured into a world distinctly different from his working-class roots... a world that could ultimately draw him away from his education, his background and his family!

Release Year: 1984  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: Color 

Flesh and Blood

From visionary director Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct) comes this vivid and muscular (Variety) epic adventure of medieval bravery and blood lust starring Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 126 mins  Color: Color 

The Flesh and the Fiends (Special Edition)

Irish immigrants Burke and Hare hit upon the idea of selling the bodies of the recently deceased to eminent surgeon Dr. Robert Knox.

Release Year: 1960  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: B&W 

Un Flic (Special Edition) aka Dirty Money

A Paris police chief discovers that his nightclub owner friend also leads a group of bank robbers. When he’s tipped off that the same robbers are planning a drug heist, the police chief races to defeat his two-faced friend.

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

For a Few Dollars More (Special Edition)

Two rival bounty hunters (Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef) join forces to bring murderous bandit El Indio and his vicious gang of criminals to justice.

Release Year: 1965  Running Time: 132 mins  Color: Color 

For Love of Ivy

When high-rolling hustler Jack Parks (Sidney Poitier) is blackmailed into seducing a client's naive young housekeeper, love is the last thing on his mind. But Jack has never met anyone like Ivy Moore (Abbey Lincoln)... and as he begins to fall for her, she discovers the truth about the player.

Release Year: 1968  Running Time: 101 mins  Color: Color 

Force 10 from Navarone (Special Edition)

In this sequel to the classic WWII adventure The Guns of Navarone, fearless commandos on a deadly mission plot to strike a crippling blow to the brutal Nazi forces.

Release Year: 1978  Running Time: 126 mins  Color: Color 

A Foreign Affair

Stiff-necked Iowa congresswoman Phoebe Frost is mired in jaded postwar Berlin. As she investigates the morale of American troops, she is cynically wooed by fellow Iowan Captain John Pringle, who is trying to cover up his affair with Nazi-tainted chanteuse Erika von Schlütow.

Release Year: 1948  Running Time: 116 mins  Color: Black & White 

Foreign Intrigue

Screen icon Robert Mitchum (Man with the Gun) stars as a curious press agent who is determined to investigate the past of his enigmatic, very wealthy and recently murdered employer and ends up in Europe, caught in a complex, deadly situation involving extortion, espionage, romance.

Release Year: 1956  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: Color 

Fort Massacre

The west un-holsters its most savage story! Western legend Joel McCrea (The Gunfight at Dodge City) gives a compelling performance as a possibly mad cavalry commander seeking revenge for the death of his wife and kids at the hands of Apaches - even if it means risking the lives of his regiment by taking them to a restricted territory.

Release Year: 1958  Running Time: 80 mins  Color: Color 

Four Faces West

An honest man turned outlaw and running for his life... A marshal with a conscience more just than the law... A gambler whose greatest risks are taken for a friend... A woman whose love for a fugitive knows no danger... These are the four unforgettable characters facing the challenge of their lives when their paths cross on an innocent outlaw's compelling flight to freedom.

Release Year: 1948  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: B&W 

The Fourth War

As the world enters a new era of peace, what becomes of professional soldiers, who have spent their entire lives preparing for war?

Release Year: 1990  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 


Two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs) shines in this intimate, astonishing and powerful film from director Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction) that takes you on a teenage rock 'n' roll filled trip through the fast lane in the San Fernando Valley.

Release Year: 1980  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 


While vacationing in Arizona, beautiful socialite Amanda Lawrence (Jane Russell) meets handsome Jonathan Dartland (Jeff Chandler), an engineer at the local copper mine. The whirlwind courtship is culminated in a marriage hotly contested by Amanda’s mother who has learned that Dartland is a half-breed Apache Indian.

Release Year: 1955  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: Color 


From the makers of the highly successful Walking Tall comes the ultimate story of revenge. Joe Don Baker (Charley Varrick) plays a gambler who is framed for a crime he did not commit. A corrupt legal system leads him into a plea bargain and four years behind bars. By the time he gets out of prison, he's determined to put together the pieces of his frame-up and dole out the justice he was denied to those responsible.

Release Year: 1975  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 

Frank McKlusky, C.I.

Comedian Dave Sheridan stars as Frank McKlusky, a clumsy insurance claims investigator who goes undercover to expose a conspiracy. 

Release Year: 2002  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: Color 

Frankie and Johnny

Elvis Presley is Johnny, a riverboat singer with a weakness for gambling. He's so obsessed with that wheel of misfortune that when a gypsy woman prescribes a redhead to be his good luck charm, Johnny sets out to find one. Trouble is, Frankie is most definitely a blonde... and a jealous blonde at that. 

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 87 mins  Color: Color 


A traumatized ER nurse (Darlanne Fluegel), an acerbic talk-radio host (Richard Belzer) and a stranger with a dark secret (James Russo) must join to stop the bible-quoting madman (Billy Drago) who has promised the panicked city one final fast lane massacre. Suspense thriller co-written and directed by television and music video veteran Francis Delia (Crime Story).

Release Year: 1988  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

From Noon Till Three

Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland star in this comedic western. After spending time with an outlaw, and believing him to be dead, a young woman writes a book about her experience, making celebrities of the author and the dead outlaw. When the outlaw is revealed to be alive, he must come to grips with his celebrity.

Release Year: 1976  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 

The Front Page (Special Edition)

Ruthless newspaper editor Walter Burns (Walter Matthau) and reporter Hildy (Jack Lemmon) believe together they can cover any story. The only problem is their team is being broken up as Hildy has decided to get married and leave the newspaper business altogether. As Hildy grooms his replacement, his retirement is derailed when the story of the century breaks and all of Chicago is in hot pursuit.

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

The Front Page

Raucous, irreverent, and remarkably funny, THE FRONT PAGE is a landmark in cinema history; a brilliantly orchestrated, high-speed satire that set the standard for the countless screwball comedies that followed in its wake.

Release Year: 1931  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: B&W 

The Frontier

Filmed in the California desert on Super 16mm, THE FRONTIER weaves elements of classic
noir, American western, and the hard-boiled paperbacks of the ’50s to create a timeless world
within which the film’s colorful characters roam.

Release Year: 2015  Running Time: 88 mins  Color: Color 

Funny Bones

Struggling in the shadow of his famous comedian father (Jerry Lewis), a young comic (Oliver Platt) retreats to his old hometown when his act bombs in Las Vegas. Ready to try anything for inspiration, he's in for more than a few surprises before learning that his own eccentric family has the best material for the perfect act!

Release Year: 1995  Running Time: 128 mins  Color: Color 

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

A wily Roman slave discovers that his master's son is in love with the girl next door, he promises to help win her heart in exchange for his freedom. The road to romance is blocked with mayhem and the wildest chariot race ever! Stars Zero Mostel, Phil Silvers, Buster Keaton and Michael Crawford.

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 


The undercover policemen of Boston's 87th Precinct are armed and dangerous - and the streets just aren't safe from their bumbling detective work! And when a mysterious extortionist begins carrying out his fiendish scheme to assassinate prominent city official, no tactic is too outrageous for this goofy, ham-fisted squad who will stop at nothing to solve the high-profile case and save their city from the grips of a ruthless, diabolical madman.

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: Color 

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