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Film Summary
Dynasty 3-D - aka Qian dao wan li zhu

When an emperor’s son is accused of treason against the throne, he ends up in a fight for his life against all comers.

Release Year: 1977  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: Color 

Quai des Orfevres

Living in postwar Paris, Marguerite works in a music hall as a singer, performing under the name Jenny Lamour; her husband, Maurice, is a jealous man and very insecure. When an aristocrat invites Jenny to dinner to promise her a film role, Maurice follows and threatens him in the restaurant. Marguerite leaves Maurice, driving him to go to the aristocrat's mansion house to kill him, only to find the man dropped dead on the floor...and Marguerite's coat slung over the couch.

Release Year: 1947  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: B&W 


A gang of robbers trying to escape across the Mexican border comes to a dangerous halt in the mysterious abandoned town of Quantez. As their enemies get closer, tempers flare, betrayals set in and lines are drawn between the men.

Release Year: 1957  Running Time: 81 mins  Color: Color 


When the President of the United States learns terrorists have released a mysterious virus that could destroy the world’s population, he charges a team of scientists to find a cure. It’s up to the President to somehow stop the terrorists and the spread of this terrible plague—before it’s too late.

Release Year: 2000  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

The Quatermass Xperiment

Stuck on a spacecraft returning to Earth, the people aboard are faced with the domination of an alien fungi that changed one of the astronauts aboard into a monster who lives off of blood. In an attempt to save everyone, a select few people attempt to track the monster down and kill it before it gets to anyone else.

Release Year: 1955  Running Time: 82 mins  Color: Color 

The Queen of Spades (Special Edition)

A gambling craze is sweeping 19th-century St. Petersburg, yet a dashing Russian army captain is too impoverished to participate. But when he learns that an aging countess may hold the ultimate key to gambling riches, the desperate young officer will stop at nothing to steal the sinister secret for himself.

Release Year: 1949  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: B&W 

The Quest (Special Edition) aka Frog Dreaming

A resourceful American orphan living in rural Australia and his girlfriend embark on a search that takes them into the shadow-land of mystery and to the edge of death.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 93 mins  Color: Color 

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