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Film Summary
Race for the Yankee Zephyr aka Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr

Local hunters find the submerged wreck of The Yankee Zephyr. Sally, who runs a local mission, is persuaded to invest in their search—on the condition that she can tag along. Unbeknownst to them all, a gang of mercenaries are watching and waiting for their chance to move in on the treasure.

Release Year: 1981  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

Raggedy Man

Bittersweet drama about a young mother, her two sons and the mysterious benefactor who touches them all.

Release Year: 1981  Running Time: 94 mins  Color: Color  

The Raging Moon aka Long Ago, Tomorrow

After being confined to a wheelchair and taken to a home for the disabled, Bruce Pitchard becomes angry and withdrawn. But he finds meaning in life once more when he falls in love with Jill, a polio victim.

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

Raid on Rommel

WWII action-adventure starring screen legend Richard Burton as a British intelligence officer who leads a daring attack on the German shore defenses at Tobruk.

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 

The Railway Children

Suddenly impoverished, three children and their mother are forced to move to a dusty cottage in the country perched on the edge of a railroad. But along these magical tracks, Bobbie and her siblings will discover adventure, face danger and forge friendships that will change their young lives forever.

Release Year: 1970  Running Time: 109 mins  Color: Color 

The Rainmaker

During the Depression, a smooth-talking con-man promises rain to a desperate drought-ridden Kansas town and marriage to a local desperate spinster.

Release Year: 1956  Running Time: 121 mins  Color: Color 

The Rare Breed

In the 1880s an Englishwoman and her daughter come to America to sell their prize Hereford bull at an auction. The women hire a footloose cowhand to help them transport the animal to its new owner and so begins an adventure that tests the mettle of all involved as they battle killers, stampedes and each other.

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 

The Raven (Special Edition)

A magician, who has been turned into a raven, turns to a former sorcerer for help.

Release Year: 1963  Running Time: 86 mins  Color: Color 

Rawhead Rex

NEW 4K RESTORATION! Ireland will never be the same after Rawhead Rex, a particularly nasty demon, is released from his underground prison by an unwitting farmer. The film follows Rex's cross country rampage, while a man struggles to stop it. Written by Clive Barker and directed by George Pavlou.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Rawhead Rex (Limited Edition SteelBook)

RawHead Rex is a demon held by an ancient seal, imprisoned for centuries in a barren field near the hamlet of Rathmore, Ireland. In time, this gruesome legacy has been forgotten, dismissed as an odd pre-Christian myth until Tom Garron decides to plow the field his ancestors knew better than to disturb.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Rawhide (1951)

This riveting western filled with gripping action stars screen legends Tyrone Power (The Mark of Zorro) and Susan Hayward (I Want to Live!).

Release Year: 1951  Running Time: 93 mins 

Razzia Sur La Chnouf

After a spell in the U.S.A., master criminal Henri Ferré dit ‘Le Nantais’ returns to Paris and is recruited by the head of a major narcotics ring. Merchandise has been disappearing and Henri is assigned two hitmen to eliminate unreliable dealers. 

Release Year: 1955  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Black & White 

The Real McCoy (Special Edition)

After six years in prison, legendary criminal Karen McCoy (Kim Basinger) wants nothing more than to turn her life around. But no one will hire her, her ex-husband has told their son that she's dead and her sleazy parole officer and crime lord Jack Schmidt (Terence Stamp) are forcing her to pull off a seemingly impossible $18 million bank job.

Release Year: 1993  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

Real Men

The fate of the world is in their hands - God help us all! James Belushi (Red Heat) and John Ritter (TV's Three's Company) push the comic envelope in this genuinely off-the-wall comedy about an improbable mission between the CIA, the KGB, and of course, visitors from another planet!

Release Year: 1987  Running Time: 85 mins  Color: Color 

Really Weird Tales

Top comedic talent hits new heights of zaniness in this three-episode parody of classic Sci-Fi shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Joe Flaherty (SCTV, Used Cars) hosts this wonderfully clever, bizarre and delightfully funny Really Weird Tales.

Release Year: 1987  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: Color 

Reap the Wild Wind

Along the seaboard of the American South, cut-throat salvagers who profit from the wrecks of transatlantic cargo ships move from exploiting shipwrecks to causing them. As the most dangerous of the salvagers, King Cutler, takes aim at the ships of the wealthy Devereaux Company, ambitious ship captain Jack Stuart  and company lawyer Stephen Tolliver vie for the hand of feisty Loxi Claiborne.

Release Year: 1942  Running Time: 123 mins  Color: Color 

A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die

From Tonino Valerii, the director of My Name is Nobody and other classics spaghetti westerns comes this top-notch western set during the Civil War where eight condemned Union prisoners attempt to capture a Missouri fort from Confederate soldiers.

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 92 mins  Color: Color 

Red Ball Express

General Patton’s Third Army is in desperate need of supplies after a successful invasion of Paris. An elite military truck force is established to deliver goods to the soldiers. Members of this platoon must not only withstand minefields and Nazi resistance, they must also learn to overcome their personal and racial prejudices towards one another.

Release Year: 1952  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: B&W 


No films better represent the 1970s midnight movie phenomenon as Reefer Madness and Sex Madness: two finger-wagging camp classics that hysterically warned the public of the horrors of marijuana and syphilis.

Release Year: 1938  Running Time: 65 mins  Color: B&W 

Reginald Denny Collection: The Reckless Age, Skinner's Dress Suit, What Happened to Jones?

The Reginald Denny Collection gathers three silent features from the career of the debonair British star.

Release Year: 1924  Running Time: 221 mins  Color: B&W 

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Professor Proud (Michael Sarrazin) is suffering from recurring nightmares of a place he has never seen, a woman he has never met, and a death so brutal and horrifying he must seek an end to the torment. His research leads him to the most unlikely conclusion; he has lived and died before, and now he must find the secrets of that life.

Release Year: 1975  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

The Reivers

It's a grand and spectacular "horseless carriage" - a shiny yellow 1905 Winton Flyer automobile. Its owner is Mississippi plantation owner "Boss" (Will Geer, Jeremiah Johnson), who has left it sitting unattended. But hired hand Boon (Steve McQueen, Junior Bonner) decides it would be the ideal vehicle to take him and his buddy on a glorious whirlwind jaunt to distant Memphis. And along for the ride is Boss's earnest 12-year-old grandson, who finds himself reluctantly drafted to be the third "reiver" (an old Scottish word for 'thief') aboard his grandfather's car.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Brace yourself for hilarious, action-packed adventure! When street-smart NYPD cop (Fred Ward, Tremors) regains consciousness after a bizarre mugging, he has a new face and a new identity! Now he's Remo Williams, the #1 recruit of a top-secret organization, and he's toppling evil at every turn - even atop the Statue of Liberty - in this spectacular and funny adventure film.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 121 mins  Color: Color 


Karen, a beautiful hostage negotiator trying to escape a tragic past, finds herself stranded on a deserted highway and at the mercy of a violent psychopath who commits a brutal murder right before her eyes. Then stumbling upon an isolated research center, she meets a brilliant young scientist and discovers a top-secret device that gives her the opportunity to stop the savage rampage before it begins.

Release Year: 1997  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

Return from the Ashes

In Paris at the onset of WWII, wealthy Jewish doctor Michele marries Stanislaus, a penniless yet cunning Polish chess master. She is later hauled off to Dachau and is assumed dead after her failure to return at the war’s end. But Michele is not dead after all, and returns to Paris under a new identity to find Stanislaus romancing her beautiful young stepdaughter.

Release Year: 1965  Running Time: 107 mins  Color: B&W 

The Return of the Musketeers

A sumptuous, action-packed adventure.

Release Year: 1989  Running Time: 102 mins  Color: Color 

Return to Macon County

Two young men in a ’57 Chevy travel through Georgia in the summer of 1958 en route to enter the National Championship drag races in California. In Macon County they pick up a wild girl who brings trouble and the trio lock horns with some small-town hoods and a hardboiled sherif.

Release Year: 1975  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Revenge of the Ninja

Payback is deadly! The Ninjas are back! Brandishing swords and fists, leaping and kicking, wielding blow darts and explosives, they know a thousand ways to kill. Martial arts legend Sho Kosugi (Enter the Ninja) delivers a heart-pounding display of strength, speed and lethal Ninja know-how in this action-packed thriller that takes us back to the good old days of the Kung Fu extravaganza.

Release Year: 1983  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

Revenge of the Shogun Women 3-D

Thirteen women train to become nuns after they are ravaged by bandits. A mastery of kung fu is required before the women finish their training, and after they leave the temple the nuns head out for vengeance.

Release Year: 1977  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

The Revolt of the Slaves aka La rivolta degli schiavi

In the waning years of the Roman Empire the beautiful daughter of a wealthy patrician, falls in love with a Christian slave, Vibio.

Release Year: 1961  Running Time: 102 mins  Color: Color 

Rich and Strange (Special Edition) aka East of Shanghai

Fred Hill and his wife Emily lead a boring existence in the London suburbs. When the Hills come into an inheritance from a wealthy uncle, Fred quits his mundane job and they embark on a world cruise to get a taste of the high life.

Release Year: 1931  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: B&W 

The Rich Man’s Wife

Josie Potenza (Halle Berry) has it all; a fabulous home, a life of privilege and a wealthy husband. But Josie's seemingly perfect life takes a nightmarish turn when her husband is brutally murdered – making her the prime suspect in the police investigation... and the prime target of a psychotic, blackmailing killer.

Release Year: 1996  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: Color 

Rider on the Rain aka La Passager de La Pluie

When a beautiful young woman in the South of France is stalked and assaulted by a mysterious masked assailant, she kills the man in self-defense, and dumps his corpse over a cliff. Soon an American investigator (Charles Bronson) shows up and, to her horror, seems to know everything about what she has done.

Release Year: 1970  Running Time: 114 mins  Color: Color 

Rififi in Paris aka Du rififi a Paname / The Upper Hand

In Paris, a grizzled gold-smuggler is at war with other local gangsters who want a piece of the action. To make matters worse, he must match wits with a coin-tossing Mafioso and the U.S. Treasury Department.

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

Ring of Bright Water

Graham Merrill has a nice, quiet life in London, but his fun-loving new roommate Mij is about to change everything. Curious and playful, this otter has better things to do than sit around a stuffy apartment, so Graham decides to move to the coast of Scotland where Mij can frolic to his heart’s content. 

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 

The River

Tom and Mae Garvey are struggling farmers trying to keep their homestead safe from the local power authority who wants to flood their land. When Mae’s former beau, Joe Wade turns out to be in charge of the plan to acquire the property, tensions run high, climaxing in a devastating confrontation on the flooded river banks.

Release Year: 1984  Running Time: 124 mins  Color: Color 

RKO Classic Adventures

Four action-packed films preserved by the Library of Congress and restored by Lobster Films. These potent two- fisted brawlers from the prolific RKO Radio Pictures studio were the types of movies that sold out theaters in the wild early days of sound film.

Release Year: 1930  Running Time: 220 mins  Color: B&W 

RKO Classic Romances

Five Pre-Code love stories from RKO Radio Pictures in the RKO CLASSICROMANCES collection. Preserved by the Libraryof Congress and restored by Lobster Films, these are tearjerkers that will tug every last heartstring.

Release Year: 1930  Running Time: 385 mins  Color: B&W 

Road House (1948)

When love turns to rage… the consequences are deadly! This slam-bang drama of troubled love, murder and unique revenge in a sleazy nightclub is a noir classic filled with suspense, dramatic punch and a macabre demonstration of a wildly jealous man who is bent on ruining two lives.

Release Year: 1948  Running Time: 95 mins  Color: B&W 

Road to Bali

Bob Hope and Bing Crosby star as two out of work vaudeville performers on the lam who meet beautiful Princess Lala (Lamour) and vie for her affections.

Release Year: 1952  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

Road to Morocco (Special Edition)

Survivors of a Mediterranean shipwreck, stowaways Jeff (Bing Crosby) and Orville (Bob Hope) paddle to a North African shore and hitch a camel ride across the desert to Morocco.

Release Year: 1942  Running Time: 82 mins  Color: B&W 

Road to Rio

In this fifth of seven road movies, Hot Lips Barton (Bob Hope) and Scat Sweeney (Bing Crosby) stow away on an ocean bound ship to avoid being charged with arson after burning down a circus.

Release Year: 1947  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: B&W 

The Road to Salina - aka - La route de Salina

A young drifter stops at a desolate roadside service station where the owner identifies him as her son Rocky, who disappeared four years ago. 

Release Year: 1970  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 

Road to Singapore (Special Edition)

Running out on his stuffy desk job and marriage-minded girlfriend, Josh Mallon (Bing Crosby) links up with sailor-buddy Ace (Bob Hope) and sets sail for the farthest point on the map: Singapore.

Release Year: 1940  Running Time: 85 mins  Color: B&W 

Road to Utopia (Special Edition)

This fourth entry in the hilarious Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour Road series is a blizzard of laughs with Bob and Bing playing turn-of-the-century vaudevillians in search of Klondike gold.

Release Year: 1945  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: B&W 

Road to Zanzibar (Special Edition)

In this second entry in the Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour Road series, Chuck (Crosby) and Fearless (Hope) are really in hot water—as guests of honor at a cannibal feast while stranded in the heart of Africa.

Release Year: 1941  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: B&W 

Robbers' Roost

The most savage killers lair in the west! George Montgomery (The Brasher Doubloon) stars as Jim "Tex" Wall, a rancher turned outlaw searching for three men who raped and killed his wife.

Release Year: 1954  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: Color 


Inspired by true events, Robbery is an uncompromising portrayal of swinging London’s criminal underworld.

Release Year: 1967  Running Time: 110 mins  Color: Color 

Rock Hudson Collection [Seminole / The Golden Blade / Bengal Brigade]

This collection includes three 1950s Technicolor adventure films starring screen legend Rock Hudson.

Release Year: 1953  Running Time: 255 mins  Color: Color 

Roland and Rattfink (17 Cartoons)

The timeless melodramatic tradition of duelling polar opposites became the foundation of many an animated conflict, but never were Good and Evil so stylistically rendered as in the ROLAND AND RATTFINK cartoons.

Running Time: 107 mins  Color: Color 

The Romantic Englishwoman

A sly, sophisticated love story that is a showcase for its two Oscar-winning stars: Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson.With a sparklingly witty screenplay from Academy Award-winner Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love), and directed by Joseph Losey, THE ROMANTIC ENGLISHWOMAN is a wildly entertaining ride.

Release Year: 1975  Running Time: 116 mins  Color: Color 

Room at the Top (Special Edition)

Laurence Harvey is the “angry young man” who marries the daughter of a factory boss so he can reach the top of his profession, only to find love in an unhappily married older woman.

Release Year: 1959  Running Time: 117 mins  Color: B&W 

Roommates (Special Edition)

Evicted from his home, gruff-but-lovable old Rocky (Peter Falk) goes to live with his grandson Michael (D.B. Sweeney) in his cramped one-room apartment.  And when Michael brings home a new girlfriend (Julianne Moore) – things really heat up.

Release Year: 1995  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

The Rosary Murders

A serial killer is brutally murdering priests and nuns, leaving a black rosary carefully draped in each victims lifeless hand as his calling card. Father Robert Koeslers (Donald Sutherland, The Great Train Robbery) routine life as a parish priest is suddenly shattered when the killer admits to the heinous crimes during confession.

Release Year: 1987  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 


A reporter secretly working for the CIA as he travels around the globe is tasked, along with Israeli intelligence, to work for the release of five wealthy girls kidnapped by the anti-Israel Palestinian Liberation Army from the yacht Rosebud.

Release Year: 1975  Running Time: 126 mins  Color: Color 

Rough Night in Jericho

Ruthless one-time lawman Alex Flood has bullied his way into owning more than half of all of Jericho’s businesses with the exception of the stagecoach line run by the strong-willed widow Molly Lang. Molly and the townspeople turn to former Deputy U.S. Marshal Dolan for help.



Release Year: 1967  Running Time: 104 mins  Color: Color 

The Rover

A former counter-revolutionary pirate rescues a deranged girl and must choose between his desires and the needs of an entire country.



Release Year: 1967  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 

Run Silent, Run Deep

The captain of a submarine (Clark Gable) sunk by the Japanese during WWII is given a chance to skipper another sub after a year of working a desk job. His single-minded determination for revenge against the destroyer that sunk his previous vessel puts his new crew (including Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden) in danger.

Release Year: 1958  Running Time: 93 mins  Color: B&W 

Runaway Train

Two escaped convicts and a young woman are trapped on a train with no breaks, and are barreling towards a conflict with the head of security.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 111 mins  Color: Color 

The Runner Stumbles

A priest's life is suddenly changed by the arrival of a vivacious young nun who immediately sets the town talking with her open, unorthodox behavior. But soon talk turns to vicious gossip and tragedy as the self-righteous townsfolk come to believe the love between the nun and the priest is more than just spiritual.

Release Year: 1979  Running Time: 109 mins  Color: Color 

Running Delilah

Beautiful secret agent Delilah's lifeless body is rushed to a top-secret experimental laboratory. Five weeks later she emerges a virtually invincible cybernetic super-agent and learns to harness her incredible powers for her ultimate mission: to stop a terrorist from buying enough plutonium to build a nuclear weapon.

Release Year: 1993  Running Time: 97 mins  Color: Color 

Running Scared (Billy Crystal, Gregory Hines)

Ray and Danny are the wild men of the Windy City's police force. The pair's unorthodox methods get results in a tough town - until they come up against Julio Gonzales (Jimmy Smits), a smooth-talking drug dealer who is bucking to become Chicago's first Spanish Godfather. Trying to nail Gonzales, they blow a delicate undercover operation and are sent on a forced vacation to Key West - where they discover the good life of warm weather and warmer women.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 107 mins  Color: Color 


What happens when two cops stop loving their job.... and start living it? This emotionally riveting, powerful and unsparing film exposes the plight of two narcotics officers who cross the line... and become enmeshed in the dangerous but intoxicating underbelly of the drug world.

Release Year: 1991  Running Time: 120 mins  Color: Color 

The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming

When sightseeing Soviet commander (Alan Arkin, The In-Laws) runs his submarine aground off the New England coast, his crew's attempts to find a boat to dislodge the sub almost starts World War III. Arkin leads and all-star cast that includes Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, Brian Keith and Jonathan Winters - in this riotous, uproarious and sidesplitting comedy. 

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 126 mins  Color: Color 

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