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Film Summary
Table For Five

J.P. Tannen (Jon Voigt, Coming Home) wants a second chance to be a father to his children... but someone else has taken his place.

Release Year: 1983  Running Time: 122 mins  Color: Color 

Take the Money and Run

Virgil Starkwell (Woody Allen), a struggling musician, turns to larceny as a career. Unfailingly optimistic, he is nevertheless a complete criminal failure - although his prison breakouts are often successful. And with the support of his loving wife Louise (Janet Margolin), he may yet pull off a successful bank heist... if he can just manage to write out a legible stickup note.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 85 mins  Color: Color 

Taking Care of Business (Special Edition)

Jimmy Dworski (James Belushi) is a happy-go-lucky convict who breaks out of prison and finds the daily planner book belonging to ultra-organized executive Spencer Barnes (Charles Grodin). Dworski embarks on an all-expense-paid trip to "Easy Street" while posing as the high-powered Barnes. Meanwhile, Spencer's life is turned upside down as he hunts through Los Angeles for his beloved book.

Release Year: 1990  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

The Taking of Beverly Hills

When a toxic chemical spill sends fumes billowing through the city, emergency teams are on the spot in minutes to evacuate all civilians and set up quarantine. But it turns out that the spill is really a hoax and the emergency personnel are a crew of criminals executing an epic scheme on the entire city. 

Release Year: 1991  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (42nd Anniversary Edition)

Screen legends Walter Matthau (The Laughing Policeman) and Robert Shaw (Figures in a Landscape) team up with Martin Balsam (After the Fox) and Hector Elizondo (Cuba) to deliver a sure-fire entertainment that's gripping and exciting from beginning to end and is guaranteed to give you the ride of your life.

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 104 mins  Color: Color 

Tales of Terror

Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Basil Rathbone star in this spine-chilling horror film based on three Edgar Allen Poe stories.

Release Year: 1962  Running Time: 89 mins  Color: Color 

Taras Bulba

Yul Brynner plays a powerful Cossack chieftain determined to regain his land from treacherous Polish invaders. Despite bitter dissension in the ranks, he is soon leading his soldiers into savage warfare. But further conflict erupts when his headstrong son falls deeply in love with a Polish girl.

Release Year: 1962  Running Time: 122 mins  Color: Color 

Target: Harry

Freelance pilot Harry Black finds both the Monte Carlo police and the underworld on his tail when he becomes caught up with one of his passenger’s plot to break the bank of England with forged currency. 

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 83 mins  Color: Color 

The Tarnished Angels

Set in the 1930s Depression era during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, The Tarnished Angels covers three days in the lives of a trio of flying-circus performers, headlined by former WWI fighter-pilot hero Roger Shumann and his beautiful blonde wife.

Release Year: 1958  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: B&W 

Teen Witch

Louise (Lively) is a shy misfit with a huge crush on - and no chance of dating - Brad (Gauthier), the hunky star of the high school football team. And when Louise discovers on her 16th birthday that she's descended from Salem witches, she uses her newfound powers to become the most popular girl on campus!

Release Year: 1989  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 

Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (Special Edition)

Based on the true story of a Pauite Indian named Willie Boy and his bride Lola  who become the objects of the last great western manhunt after Willie Boy kills Lola’s father in a “marriage by capture.” 

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 98 mins  Color: Color 

Ten Seconds to Hell

Newly Re-mastered in HD! In Ten Seconds Thousands Will Be Blown to Hell! From Robert Aldrich, the legendary director of The Dirty Dozen and Too Late the Hero, comes another WWII classic.

Release Year: 1959  Running Time: 93 mins  Color: B&W 

They Call Me Mister Tibbs

Sidney Poitier (Duel at Diablo) reprises his role as the intrepid investigator Lt. Virgil Tibbs who, this time, must solve a puzzling murder in the city by the Bay.

Release Year: 1970  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

They Might Be Giants (Special Edition)

A wealthy, retired judge who believes he is Sherlock Holmes comes under the care of psychiatrist Dr. Mildred Watson. As Watson follows "Holmes" through Manhattan on a search for his elusive nemesis Moriarty, the unlikely pair are drawn into a world of danger and intrigue.

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

They Shoot Horses Don't They?

Screen legend Jane Fonda (Coming Home) stars in this vivid, fascinating film as a woman driven to seize her last best chance, entering a grueling dance marathon in Depression-era America. Nominated for nine Academy Awards.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 120 mins  Color: Color 

They're Playing with Fire

Newly Mastered in HD! Drive-in goddess and 80s action queen Sybil Danning (Howling II, Chained Heat, Reform School Girls) stars as a lusty college professor who seduces a naive student (Eric Brown, Private Lessons) as part of a sordid plot to frame him for the murder of her wealthy in-laws.

Release Year: 1984  Running Time: 96 mins  Color: Color 

Thieves Like Us

Never has a film portrayed the life of on-the-run bank robbers with such conviction, violence and pathos. Set in Mississippi during the 1930s Depression, Thieves Like Us is wonderfully directed by one of America's most revered filmmakers, Robert Altman (The Long Goodbye).

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 123 mins  Color: Color 


A blood transfusion saves the life of a priest but also transforms him into a vampire. He struggles to control his insatiable thirst for blood until a love affair unleashes his darkest desires in deadly new ways.

Release Year: 2009  Running Time: 135 mins  Color: Color 

This World, Then the Fireworks

Grifters Marty (Billy Zane) and Carol (Gina Gershon) are bad-to-the-bone twins whose devastating physical beauty is only equaled by their intense greed and the depths to which they’ll sink to get what they want. Enter their intended prey, the ravishingly beautiful and sultry Lois Archer (Sheryl Lee, Twin Peaks), a repressed lady cop with some powerful needs and prime piece of beachfront property. But Lois is a woman with secrets of her own, and before long, brother and sister discover their would-be foil in nobody’s fool.

Release Year: 1997  Running Time: 100 mins  Color: Color 

The Thomas Crown Affair (50th Anniversary Special Edition)

Genius rogue Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen) pulls off a crime-of-the-century bank heist and finds himself pitted against a nemesis as powerful as he is, his devil-may-care attitude hurls him into an edge-of-your-seat game of intrigue and suspense.

Release Year: 1968  Running Time: 102 mins  Color: Color 

Those Daring Young Men in their Jaunty Jalopies (1969)

Hollywood icon Tony Curtis (The Vikings) stars in this hilarious, romantic and action-packed romp! Set in glorious Monte Carlo, this hugely entertaining follow-up to Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines follows the dashing Schofield (Curtis) as he teams up with the scheming Count (Terry-Thomas, I’m All Right Jack) in a zany, winner-take-all car rally beset with scheming competitors, treacherous cliffs and a very beguiling blonde.

Release Year: 1969  Running Time: 122 mins  Color: Color 

Those Redheads From Seattle

Newly Restored in HD from 2K Scans! A married woman (Agnes Moorehead) takes her four unmarried redheaded daughters (Rhonda Fleming, Teresa Brewer, Cynthia and Kay Bell of The Bell Sisters) to Alaska during the 1898 Gold Rush so they could help their father run his newspaper.  Hollywood veteran Lewis R. Foster directed this wonderful and colorful musical, which was the first ever 3-D musical and the first widescreen film released by Paramount Pictures.

Release Year: 1953  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 

A Thousand Acres (Special Edition)

When an aging father retires, he passes the thriving family farm on to his three daughters. But this generous gift ignites an explosive series of events that threaten to tear the family apart.

Release Year: 1997  Running Time: 105 mins  Color: Color 

Thunder Bay

Dan Duryea teams with James Stewart as a pair of oil prospectors who must stand up to devastating hurricanes, dangerous love affairs and a hostile town of Cajun fishermen to strike pay dirt.

Release Year: 1953  Running Time: 1953 mins  Color: Color 

Thunderbirds Are Go! / Thunderbird 6 (Double Feature)

Witness the evolution of Garry Anderson’s patented “Supermarionation” process as you watch the daring exploits of International Rescue as they go around the word and help their fellow man. Based on the 1960’s TV series.

Release Year: 1966  Running Time: 182 mins  Color: Color 

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Thunderbolt (Clint Eastwood) is a former thief who was once a master of his profession, but he's about to reenter the criminal world with a new partner: Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges), a brash young drifter whose energy and exuberance give the veteran a new outlook on life. Their target: the seemingly impenetrable Montana Armored Depository. This is the first feature film by the great Michael Cimino (The Deer Hunter).

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 115 mins  Color: Color 

The Tie that Binds (Special Edition)

When a childless couple adopts an abandoned little girl, their new life is violently shattered when the girl's natural parents – a dangerous pair of outlaws (Daryl Hannah, and Keith Carradine) – reappear to claim what's theirs.

Release Year: 1995  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 

Tiger by the Tail

After being framed for his brother's murder, A Vietnam war vet enlists the help of his ex-girlfriend to find the real killer.

Release Year: 1970  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 

Tijuana Toads (17 Cartoons)

Like an amphibian Laurel & Hardy, TIJUANA TOADS revives the thin guy/fat guy formula for comedy, and endows it with a distinctive south-of-the-border flavor.  Toads “Pancho” and “El Toro” engage in madcap mischief (and even a bit of romance) while seeking to advance themselves within the biological food chain: giving chase to grasshoppers, Japanese beetles, and flies, while evading comic predators like snakes, cats, dogs, and a particularly dopey crane. This edition includes all seventeen laugh-filled episodes, rendered in the distinctive DePatie-Freleng style of the late ’60s/early ’70s, newly remastered in high definition.


Like an amphibian Laurel & Hardy, TIJUANA TOADS revives the thin guy/fat guy formula for comedy, and endows it with a distinctive south-of-the-border flavor.



Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

To All a Goodnight

Five young female boarders at the Calvin Finishing School have set their sights on a festive Christmas holiday romp. They have just drugged their housemother and smuggled their boyfriends into the house. But their fun-filled promiscuous frolic will soon turn into a blood-soaked nightmare when a sadistic maniac dressed as Santa Claus arrives to deliver some holiday cheer, or maybe that's FEAR. 

Release Year: 1980  Running Time: 90 mins  Color: Color 

Tobor the Great

To avoid the life-threatening dangers of manned space exploration, Professor Nordstrom (Taylor Holmes) creates a highly advanced form of artificial intelligence capable of piloting a starship to other worlds. Danger strikes when a sinister band of covert agents kidnaps Gadge (Billy Chapin), the professor's 10-year-old grandson and now Gadge's captors must suffer the wrath of his protective friend and face a mechanical monstrosity bent on a killing rampage of revenge and destruction.

Release Year: 1954  Running Time: 77 mins  Color: B&W 


After years of dedicated service, Professor Topaze (John Barrymore) is summarily fired for flunking his worst student – who happens to be the son of the powerful Baron (Reginald Mason), a wealthy businessman who stands to make a fortune by peddling a worthless health tonic.

Release Year: 1933  Running Time: 78 mins  Color: B&W 


Peter Ustinov won an Oscar for his performance in this heist film centered around a gang of thieves attempting to steal the treasures within Turkey's Topkapi Palace. TOPKAPI also stars Melina Mercouri as the gang's ringleader, Robert Morley, Jess Hahn, and Gilles Segal.

Release Year: 1964  Running Time: 120 mins  Color: Color 

Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (Special Edition)

Max is an aging gangster who manages to pull off his final heist, a spectacular gold bullion robbery at Orly airport. All is well until Max’s former girlfriend Josy  tips off a rival gangster, Angelo. Angelo kidnaps Max’s partner and best friend and threatens to kill him unless Max hands over the loot from his robbery.

Release Year: 1938  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Black & White 

Tough Guys

Set free after 30 years in prison, train robbers Harry and Archie discover that they have a lot of catching up to do in the 1980s. With a crooked cop and a myopic hitman hot on their trail, Harry and Archie make plans for their boldest, most explosive train heist ever.

Release Year: 1986  Running Time: 104 mins  Color: Color 

A Town Called Hell

From Robert Parrish, the director of The Wonderful Country and The Destructors comes this top-notch western set during the Mexican Revolution.

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 1972 mins  Color: Color 

The Trackers

On a mission of revenge, Sam Paxton gathers a small posse and seeks the help of an old friend to help him locate his daughter. Ezekiel Smith, an experienced frontier scout shows up instead and despite Sam’s bigoted reluctance, “Zeke” joins his posse. When the posse deserts, Sam is left to depend solely on Zeke to help him retrieve his daughter.

Release Year: 1971  Running Time: 73 mins  Color: Color 

The Train

In 1944, a German colonel loads a train with French art treasures to send to Germany. The Resistance must stop it without damaging the cargo.

Release Year: 1964  Running Time: 133 mins  Color: B&W 


In the furthest reaches of the galaxy, a lone transport pilot, Wolfgang "Wolf" Shadduck (Rex Smith, The Pirates of Penzance), locks in his destination, switches onto automatic pilot and retires for the night. Little does he know that events will soon steer him onto a collision course with gruesome horrors of Transformations; where a horrifying evil lurks behind seductive facades.

Release Year: 1988  Running Time: 84 mins  Color: Color 


Acrobat Tino Orsini (Tony Curtis) is an aspiring trapeze artist who comes to Paris in search of Mike Ribble (Burt Lancaster), a former aerialist who has retired after injuring himself attempting a triple somersault. Mike agrees to teach Tino the triple but when they both fall in love with the beautiful Lola (Gina Lollobrigida) the triangle threatens the dreams of them all.

Release Year: 1956  Running Time: 106 mins  Color: Color 

Trigger, Jr.

When Trigger (Son of Paleface) is blinded by a killer stallion controlled by an evil Range Patrol, Roy Rogers is forced to rely on an unlikely duo — a ten-year-old boy terrified of horses and the frisky Trigger, Jr.

Release Year: 1950  Running Time: 66 mins  Color: Color 

Trilogy of Terror (Special Edition)

Legendary producer/director Dan Curtis teams up with renowned sci-fi/horror writers Richard Matheson and William F. Nolan to present three interwoven horror stories starring Karen Black in four distinct roles.

Release Year: 1975  Running Time: 72 mins  Color: Color 

The Trip to Bountiful

Carrie Watts (Geraldine Page) is an elderly woman with a weak heart, but of strong determination. Trapped in a tiny apartment under the care of her cowardly son and his shrewish wife, Carrie is determined to escape and return to her girlhood home.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

Tristan + Isolde (2006)

Before Romeo & Juliet, there was Tristan & Isolde! From executive producer Ridley Scott (Gladiator) and director Kevin Reynolds (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) comes a sweeping, action-packed saga of epic battles, political intrigue and forbidden passion, set in a time when the lines between heroism and savagery were etched in fire and carved out with broadswords.

Release Year: 2006  Running Time: 125 mins  Color: Color 

Trouble Man

Mr. T is a One Man Army! Cold as ice, hard as steel, and dressed to thrill, a private investigator known only as "Mr. T" (Robert Hooks, Fast Walking) is hired by two thugs to find out who's stealing form their gambling operation. Armed with deadly martial arts mastery and an arsenal of weapons, Mr. T battles his way through a dangerous maze of violence, turf wars and even murder - while still finding time for the ladies, movies don’t get any cooler than Trouble Man!

Release Year: 1972  Running Time: 99 mins  Color: Color 

Truck Turner

The great Isaac Hayes (I'm Gonna Git You Sucka) stars in this powerful, pull-out-the-stops crime thriller from director Jonathan Kaplan (White Line Fever). It's a gritty, action-packed tale of the streets, pulsating with ultra-smooth soul, high-octane energy and nonstop suspense.

Release Year: 1974  Running Time: 91 mins  Color: Color 

True Confessions

Screen legends Robert De Niro and Robert Duvall deliver riveting performances as siblings embroiled in a shocking homicide investigation that pits them against one another.

Release Year: 1981  Running Time: 108 mins  Color: Color 

Tuff Turf

Morgan Hiller is the new kid in school who tangles with a local gang and becomes the lone target of their vengeance. The situation turns from dangerous to deadly when he meets and falls for the gang leader’s sexy girlfriend.

Release Year: 1985  Running Time: 112 mins  Color: Color 

Twice Told Tales

A Terrifying Trilogy of Passion, Poison and Possession! It's spine-tingling terror in triplicate virtuoso of horror. Vincent Price (Tales of Terror, Madhouse) dials up the depravity in this spellbinding trilogy of Nathaniel Hawthorne's (The Scarlet Letter) chilling classics!

Release Year: 1963  Running Time: 120 mins  Color: Color 

Two For the Seesaw

Jerry (Robert Mitchum) is a mid-western lawyer whose marriage is on the rocks when he meets an old friend, Oscar who invites him to a swinging Greenwich Village party where he meets the charming bohemian Gittel. The two hit it off, if only physically at first, and begin an affair, but there are several factors conspiring against their relationship besides their differences in backgrounds.

Release Year: 1962  Running Time: 119 mins  Color: B&W 

Two Much / Miami Rhapsody - Antonio Banderas Double Feature

Art (Antonio Banderas) would like to break off his engagement with his fiancée Betty (Melanie Griffith)... only her mob boss ex-husband makes it impossible for him to say no to the wedding! It's then that Art unexpectedly falls in love with Betty's beautiful sister (Daryl Hannah) and becomes entangled in an outrageous charade when he invents his own twin brother, so he can date both women at the same time.

Release Year: 1996  Running Time: 213 mins  Color: Color 

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