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Bwana Devil (3-D)

Directed by Arch Oboler, Robert Clampett

Release: 1952
Runtime: 79
Country: U.S.
Language: English

Beautifully remastered for the very first time in 3-D by 3-D Film Archive! The first feature-length 3-dimensional color motion picture in history, Arch Oboler’s eye-popping adventure tale Bwana Devil kickstarted the 3-D movie craze with a roar! When British railway workers in Kenya become the favorite snack of two man-eating lions, the head engineers (Robert Stack and Nigel Bruce) desperately try to cease the slaughter. Big-game hunters are summoned and a vicious battle between man and beast ensues—all in thrilling color and three astonishing dimensions! Filmed using Natural Vision Corporation’s groundbreaking stereoscopic system with the theory “that the 3-D cameras should see and record the scene exactly as the human eyes see it” (cinematographer Joseph F. Biroc), the legendary Bwana Devil now makes the leap from silver screen to home video, promising to put “a lion in your lap” and “a lover in your arms”!