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Bettie Page Double Feature [Varietease | Teaserama]

Directed by Irving Klaw

Release: 1954
Runtime: 342
Country: U.S.
Language: English

Experience the golden age of burlesque in this titillating triple feature of 1950s grindhouse classics, newly restored from the original negatives. Pinup goddess Bettie Page shares the screen with striptease legend Tempest Storm in the holy grails of full-color burlesque films: Varietease (1954) and Teaserama (1955). Directed by girlie-pix impresario Irving Klaw, the dance card includes performances by strip queens Lili St. Cyr, tantalizing Trudy Wayne, and “female impersonator” Vickie Lynn, interspersed with obligatory appearances by baggy-pants comics and sunny songsters. Concluding the trilogy is Klaw’s Buxom Beautease (1956), which incorporates the short color film Striptease Revealed, and features incendiary performances by Blaze Starr and Dorian Dennis. Working in collaboration with Something Weird, the Sonney Amusement Enterprises Film Collection, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Kino Lorber has performed meticulous 4K restorations of these essential films, introducing them to a new generation of burlesque aficionados.

Publish Date : 2024-03-26